Aircraft Registration in Aruba

Aruba is a CATEGORY 1 country rated by the US FAA and ICAO. In its civil aviation registry there are registered national airliners, large to small business jets, and several rotor aircraft belonging to leasing companies, VIP operators, and private owners. ARUBA, as an overseas territory and autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands; member of the European Union, it follows EASA standards with some deviations. However, since Aruba is geographically located in the Americas, the Department of Civil Aviation is knowledgeable and endorse to some extent the US FAR’s regulations. Due to its well established European legislation and its high degree of assurances, banks, leasing companies and private operators, when it comes to the security of its assets, have chosen Aruba over other jurisdictions. The Registry of Aruba is the leading and most sophisticated CIVIL AVIATION OFFSHORE AIRCRAFT REGISTRY, which offers to owners and operators the highest degree of safety oversight, asset protection, compliance, enforcement and customer service for over 20 years. Due to our high regulatory standards and well enforced safety oversight; Aruba has been invited to be a member of the International Maintenance Review Board, composed by the civil aviation authorities of the USA, Canada, European Union, Japan, and Australia. As a CATEGORY 1 country, we take pride in the ability to provide our clients with highest safety standards in a reasonable time frame when registering an aircraft. Official personnel from our Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba conduct the inspection and certification of the aircraft and its records. Inspection and certification charges and fees are paid annually; other fees are also applicable such as: the creation of an Aruba Exempt Corporation (A.V.V. Company), inspector’s per diem, travel expenses, hotel, etc. Any registration requests for aircraft operated internationally is made through The Registry of Aruba’s  Miami office. The creation of the Aruba AVV Corporation, which is made directly with the company incorporators; such corporation must be created for the registration of an aircraft. The process of registering and certifying the aircraft takes from 7 to 10 business days from the date we receive all the necessary documentation. However, in certain cases an aircraft can be entering the registry in lesser time, if aircraft records, maintenance facility and aircraft are readily available.The Aruba Civil Aircraft Registry was well timed as the current worldwide growth in private and corporate aircraft is reaching record levels.

Contact info:

The Registry of Aruba

Administrators and Marketing Office
of the Aruba Int’l Aviation Program

USA Office
8750 NW 36th Street, Suite 210
Miami, Florida 33178 USA
Telephone: +1 305.471.9889
Toll Free: +1 888.258.6607
Fax: +1 305.471.8122

Aruba Office
Belgiestraat 36
P.O. Box 1256
Oranjestad, Aruba


About Lincoln D Gomez
Lincoln D. Gomez is a corporate lawyer based in Aruba. He is admitted to the Bar in both Aruba Curacao, Sint Maarten & BES-islands. He holds degrees in International Tax & Financial Services from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego, CA (LL.M.), a law degree from the Universiteit van Aruba (LL.M.) and Biology and Chemistry from Saint Leo University, Tampa, FL He is co-founder and managing-partner of Gomez & Bikker His practice concentrates on Aruba corporate law, intellectual property, aviation finance & registration, labor law, real estate and civil litigation. He is an author and lecturer on Aruba law. His publications are in the areas of: the civil code of Aruba, labor laws, intellectual property, aviation finance and corporate law. His clients have dubbed him "the Aruba Guy" when it comes to finding creative solutions to complex legal issues in Aruba.

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